Helping youth tap into their empathy, creativity and purpose.


True Connection is a nonprofit dedicated to youth empowerment through SEL, art and meditation. SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) raises an individual's emotional intelligence, grows their self awareness, and increases empathy, creativity and purpose. Research proves that people with high emotional intelligence are more successful in their careers and more fulfilled in life. They are "people smart." They create meaningful relationships, communicate effectively, manage their emotions, empathize with and empower others, and solve problems creatively. It's imperative we focus on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) just as much as IQ and here's why...



HiEQ For Adolescents


Give adolescent youth the skills to solve problems creatively, within themlseves, their communities and globally. Learn how to get the HiEQ Curriculum into your classroom or home today. Become a Teacher Advocate, apply for a scholarship and join the community. We make it easy for teachers and parents to teach HiEQ with our easy to follow step by-step guidebook and "I do, we do, you do" structure.

Watch our 'Love In Action' intro video to get started.