empowering youth to creatively solve problems

from a personal to social level.


HiEQ is our signature SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) curriculum designed to raise an individual’s emotional, social, and interpersonal intelligence. We help provide the understanding and tools to navigate rising thoughts, emotions, and responses in a way that decreases anxiety and stress and improves ability to learn, connect and lead within an educational setting and beyond into life, relationships, and career.

We are dedicated to helping students cultivate strong core values, reduce discrimination, transform negative thought patterns, manage their emotions, and set/achieve personal goals. SEL fosters supportive relationships between educators and students by practicing open communication and creative problem solving.



HiEQ is broken down into clear, detailed lesson plans, so that facilitators can integrate the program into any classroom setting. Activities include both group and individual instruction and are designed for diverse learning styles. It employs the teaching structure “I-do,” “We-do,” “You-do” to create a collaborative learning environment. HiEQ includes hands-on activities relevant to real life challenges that students face every day in school, home, work and in their community.




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