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    True Connection
    Our mission is to cultivate universal practices of
    connection to empower youth in creating more
    unified, purposeful communities!
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    Our Partners
    "True Connection has really improved the quality of our
    program. It's given us a new way to communicate values
    with our students. They are more open and willing." -MVFC
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    Our Students
    Prepared guided meditations are practiced to help
    calm the mind, be a source of empowerment, and
    serve as a tool in finding new solutions.

Our Focus

We are an empowerment movement aimed to mobilize the practice of community, conversations, and connection. We work towards building a wolfpack of kids that push the world to be a more connected place.

Our Strategy

We use creative arts to empower individuals to conversate and express. Educating the heart through art by experiential activities, fun projects, an array of meditations, and guidance towards mental wellness.

Our Results

We curate a more aware and accepting generation by our four universal commitments that aims to unify all cultures and beliefs. We note an increase in daily practices of set values which better student's self and community.

Knowledge is Power

True Connection is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California that serves as an educational and awareness platform to support mental wellness. True Connection is supported by grants and contributions from foundations, individuals, and corporations.

Meet Our People

Our Four Universal Commitments

Where differences make us individuals, some choose to let it separate us from one another. We defined four universal commitments:
self, family, community, and society to allow us to celebrate unity among our differences.

How We Impact : Our Strategy Unfolded


24 week curriculum that aims to instill values, non-traditional conversations, meditations, and practices outlined by our four universal commitments. Adopted by schools and organizations in support of youth mindfulness.

School Partnerships

We share our personal stories of child adversity and set up art and activities for students to participate and experience the power of art, meditation, and conversation. Offered by presentations, assemblies, or workshops.

Events and Awareness

Creating fun and engaging gatherings offline and online to celebrate, educate, and create ample awareness on health and wellness. We love partnering with other organizations and find ways to share the universal values together.

Our Promise

The time, ears and efforts that are given to us are invaluable. We are humbled and honored to be surrounded by so many new faces that teach us to be more human. At the grassroots of our organization, you will find our promises we live by.

Be All-Inclusive

Despite demographic make up, we want to be of service to all youth. We strive to gray the lines that separate people.

Be Conscious

Matters change every day. We promise to do our best to understand the youth's needs and wants in present day.

Be Fun

The best lessons learned are the ones we don't remember learning. We promise to learn more through play than lecture.