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The Curriculum

A unique 24 week curriculum, enriched with lesson plans that include art and meditation as a tangible medium for students to converse, express and self reflect.

Self Awareness

Value and character driven, the curriculum allows the youth to explore him or herself as global citizen. With no limitations, it fosters creative growth and awareness.

Stronger Communities

Through art, we can better understand ourselves. And when we understand ourselves, we create better friendships, stronger families and more united communities.

Our Mission

To inspire global citizenship through art, meditation, and mindfulness education.

How We Are Impacting

We use art to share ideas, emotions, and resources in an effort to explore options that lead to real solutions.


The 24 week curriculum focuses on topics like empathy, gratitude, and forgiveness to encourage and strengthen community, conversations and connection.


Often used as an introductory for our curriculum, these workshops are a great way to engage and captivate student's attention and interest in art.


A collaborative process that transforms public spaces to create a sustainable site-specific artwork and permanent message of inspiration and empowerment.

Fostering The Movement

The power of conversations. Choose to be open.
Create and hold a safe space to support one another. #livetoconverse.

Sharing Stories

We provide a warm supportive environment where students can share feelings like anger or excitement and discourse about topics like bullying, conflict, and celebrations.

Giving Voice For The Silent

We shine a light on tough conversations. We believe that the first step in overcoming personal challenge is being heard. We encourage open and constructive dialogue.

All Inclusive

We strive to become a modeled social justice program by being of service to a wide variety of youth, not segregated by demographic, ethnic or economic backgrounds.