Nadine heimann, Executive Director

Nadine found her calling in humanitarian services when she taught theater to developmentally disabled adults at Mi-Star in Los Angeles in 2006. She served as CEO of HOW (Helping Others Worldwide) 501(C)3 from 2009-2011, creating and executing Healing Art Programs for orphaned youth in Sierra Leone, Africa. In 2012, she founded True Connection to empower youth through empathy, creativity and purpose working with youth in Los Angeles, Compton and Watts. Nadine has researched and studied PTSD for 8 years, trained in Somatic Experiencing, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness. She is an artist, painter and actress:

tenley hardin, curriculum director

Tenley has a great passion for helping adolescents unlock and optimize their true potential. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and her graduate degrees in teaching and English from Belmont University. Additionally, she is a certified IPEC life coach. She is currently in a master's program in psychology at Pepperdine University. With 14 years of educational experience as a high school AP English teacher, college instructor, and college counselor, Tenley currently runs her own education and life coaching company (Limitless Heart, LLC) and provides college counseling and life coaching to adolescents, families, and adults from around the world. Tenley recently published her book, Leap Before You Look: 7 Steps to Discover Who You Are, What You Want, and How to Change the World on Amazon. With over 13 years in education as a teacher, life coach, and college counselor, Tenley hopes to empower adolescents to listen to their intuition, become more emotionally intelligent, and live with greater passion and purpose.

armen ohannessian, marketing Director

With 20 years’ advertising agency experience, Aremen has worked on campaigns for top brands like Lexus, Disney, and ESPN and gladly donated design and marketing services to non-profits like City of Hope, Children’s Hospital and March of Dimes. He's committed to supporting youth in discovering their inner strength, compassion, and the power of positive thinking. Armen is also a filmmaker using his talents to empower youth through story-telling. Stay tuned for Ghosts of Anbar, the movie.

krisan Crow, Pilot Program manager

Krisan has over twenty years of experience as a Project Manager for a wide array of educational environments. As the Director of the TRIO college-access high school program, she focused on removing barriers to higher education. She served as a grant writer, editor and researcher for Colorado Mountain College. Krisan is leading True Connection's HiEQ Pilot Program, and also volunteers for a meditation studio in Venice, CA called Ceremony. 

claudia morales, research

Claudia specializes in research strategy, training and coaching. She worked with the Economic & Workforce Development Department for the city of Los Angeles. She developed a plan for sustainability and expansion of the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the United Arab Emirates. She was Sr. Case Manager at the Youth Policy Institute, Program Manager for Community Educational Services in partnership with the City of San Francisco, and an Asset Coach for Youth & Family Enrichment Services in partnership with the County of San Mateo. She has her M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship, B.S. in Social Sciences, and minored in Spanish.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela