Nadine heimann, Executive Director

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I found my calling in humanitarian services when I taught theater to developmentally disabled adults at the Mi-Star Nonprofit. I then served as CEO of HOW (Helping Others Worldwide) 501(C)3 for two years where I implemented the Healing Arts Program for orphaned youth in Sierra Leone, Africa. I started True Connection in 2012 to begin a movement that believes in the power of self expression, of empathy, connectedness and love. I am an actress, artist and painter. You can catch me on TV but most will recognize me by my ultimate self-dance parties.

armen ohannessian, marketing Director

With 20 years’ advertising agency experience, I've worked on campaigns for top brands like Lexus, Disney, and ESPN and gladly donated design and marketing services to non-profits like City of Hope, Children’s Hospital and March of Dimes. I'm committed to supporting the youth in discovering their inner strength, compassion, and the power of positive thinking. So after learning about the True Connection mission, I joined the tribe and dedicated myself to getting the True Connection SEL curriculum in schools and homes all over the world. In my off time, I cook french cuisine, run marathons just for fun, and sky dive naked. Who are we kidding? I never have off time.      

tenley hardin, curriculum development

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I have held a great passion for helping adolescents unlock and optimize their true potential ever since 2004 when I started teaching high school and college English. As I became a more experienced educator and certified life coach, I realized that true growth in our students occurs when they are emotionally and spiritually engaged with what they are learning. With over 13 years in education as a teacher, life coach, and college counselor, I hope to empower adolescents to listen to their intuition, become more emotionally intelligent, and live with greater passion and purpose. I am forever looking for ways to nurture, heal, encourage, and motivate. And when all else fails, you'll find me on my yoga mat or belting out Pat Benatar hits. 

christina mamaril, Youth Outreach


I was raised to believe that when you give, you will never run out because it will always, always comes back to you. So that has impacted every aspect of my life including my career choices, which include becoming a missionary in the Philippines, then a High School Educator. Before moving to the United States, I worked with young men and women of Grades 9 & 10 at an International School in the Philippines, teaching them Theology of the Body and Sacred Scriptures, as well as mentoring young women. I found my calling to serve and love people when I got into youth ministry and met people who never gave up on me. Now, I see the world and people the same way; that everyone deserves a second chance, and that there is always truth, beauty and goodness in every person. 

Special thanks to these big hearts. We would not be here without you.

maria tvrdy

I found my calling with children when I was in College working at Cedars Youth Services in Lincoln, Nebraska as a Relief Youth Specialist. While I worked there, I had the opportunity to see a variety of children’s programs ranging from basic childcare to crisis nurseries, as well as Homes for Teen Moms and their children. I studied Psychology at Hunter College and have continued on a path of service with other organizations while pursuing my craft as an actor. I started working with True Connection in 2013 to unify my passions for the arts and humanitarianism. I paint canvases and faces. I travel to feel young, wild, and free.


tiffany au

As an optimist, my passion to build future leaders has become my career focus. I strongly believe in the power of authenticity and trust. Working closely with children of elementary to high school ages for ten years through multiple platforms, I have a deep and first hand knowledge of the needs and wants of youth development. I have traveled on a local and global basis to work with various underserved communities to rebuild homes, create sustainable youth programs, and lead new projects that strengthened individual's understanding of self-awareness. I am a social entrepreneur. The sound of baby giggles is my weakness.

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jacqueline bradley

I am an entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in apparel, merchandise marketing and manufacturing. I am an advocate for education, social and ethical consumerism and women and children’s rights. I often incorporate my passion and knowledge of fashion industry with organizations I support, such as The Women’s ShelterHouse, a non-profit organization committed to provide safety, shelter, advocacy and counseling to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I am a proponent of art therapy, I believe art is life, and every child deserves a safe space to grow and create. I am the human pinterest board of boutique fashion. I love loving love.