Introducing The HiEQ Curriculum

Our interactive, kinesthetic program is written so that any parent or teacher can easily adapt it to any classroom setting with students ages 13-18. Plus, our curriculum fulfills School Teachers’ basic educational requirements in topics like science, psychology, health, social studies, art and civic engagement. There are 8 Topics, each between 65-170 minutes long. One topic will generally be spread throughout one week, sometimes two weeks if the teacher wants to tie it in with current events or other lessons, or a teacher or parent may decide to complete one topic in half of a day.

Each topic includes:
SEL Exercises & Activities

SEL Exercises & Activities

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Creative Arts & Journaling

Guided   Meditations

HiEQ provides tools and skills to help students:

  • Discover their own personal core qualities, values, and beliefs

  • Better understand their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions

  • Shift from negative to empowered states of being (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

  • Comprehend the emotions of love and fear and understand their effects on the brain and body

  • Listen actively and communicate empathetically

  • Activate critical thinking and creative problem solving

  • Create and execute specific, personal goals and intentions

  • Affirm their purpose in alignment with their core values