I’ve had to deal with some emotions in ways that I didn’t know about until HiEQ.
I think that everyone should be involved in HiEQ because it gives you lessons to help you with daily life.
HiEQ has helped me to identify and deal with my emotions more efficiently.
It gives you a chance to learn new ways to enhance both your physical and psychological health, such as building empathy for others as well as learning how to redirect negative energy and make turn it into positive energy.
It has helped me realize the right and wrong way to deal with situations in my life.
They’ve shown me that thinking positive gets you through a lot.
We got to tell what our fears are and how to get over them.
HiEQ has taught me how to see a positive in every situation and that it is my choice on whether or not I chose to be positive or negative.
My favorite part was when it focused on how you can handle specific situations. So for example if my best friend and I argued, instead of me ignoring him, I could express my feelings to him.
It gives you a chance to connect with
Because it lets people express themselves emotionally without having to feel embarrassed or scared.
It’s a way of opening up without talking to people if that makes you uncomfortable.
It keeps you calm and it helps your brain.
It helps you become a better person.
It is a great opportunity to better yourself and regulate and understand your emotions.
My experience with the HiEQ curriculum was phenomenal! I would love to continue with the program!
I loved it all, everything was something new and exciting.
Try it, I liked it.. you will too, and I’m sure of it.


My daughter and I have been working very slowly through the program. She is special needs, developmentally delayed, vision and auditory processing issues.

Topic 2 we did in conjunction with work she is doing with a functional nutritionist. What a great synergy that has been. She made the decision on her own to work with the nutritionist because of the work we were doing with True Connections. I have been trying for years to get her to agree but she was afraid she would have to give up her favorite foods. But she made the decision and we have seen major changes in her ability to connect. A few months ago she spontaneously called a friend on the phone, the first time ever. She is able now to make sensible choices in what she wears and people are noticing. She is making her own choices to take better care of herself.

Self criticism has always been a huge issue. She has been afraid to try because she might fail. She has stopped hitting herself in the head and calling herself stupid when she makes a mistake.
— Cathy Linson, a Home Schooling Mother in Pasadena, CA