I am so grateful that I found True-Connection. I believed the training they offer is the missing link to shift the traditional view of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) as the only measure for educational success. I loved the organization’s mission right away for its holistic and creative energy approach. The tools they offer validated my belief that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can impact not only the academic life of students, but offer greater fulfillment in their lives. After completing my facilitator training, I felt inspired and confident to forge forward with practical resources, tools, and tangible content.
— Adela Vangelisti


HiEQ comes with Tutorial Videos that explain the key components and exercises of each topic to HiEQ Facilitators and partners. Plus, we provide email/phone support throughout the entire program. We are here to address all facilitator’s questions and concerns to help you get through any challenges, so that each and every students gets the most out of the HiEQ Curriculum.

Introductory SEL Training

This *optional* introductory SEL training is to not only introduce the foundational tools and strategies within our HiEQ curriculum, but to also provide a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the four components of SEL to new partners who would benefit from a more hands-on learning experience. The four components are:

  • Self awareness: The main objective within this module is to gain a greater understanding of one’s thoughts, feelings, actions, and patterns of behavior. Self awareness is about strengthening one’s intuition to identify when thoughts, feelings, actions, and patterns of behavior are empowering or disempowering him/her.

  • Self management: Ultimately, when individuals gain greater insight into their thoughts, feelings, actions, and patterns of behavior, they can then learn how to build strategies and tools to manage their reactions to events or other people. It is not necessarily about “controlling” another person or situation; it is, however, about using such insight from “self awareness” to manage or monitor reactions, especially in difficult or stressful situations.

  • Social awareness: Once individuals are able to assess their own thoughts, feelings, actions, and patterns of behavior and then monitor them accordingly (based on certain situations and people), then individuals learn about how they can better relate to other individuals within their own families, communities, and even the public. Social awareness is all about learning how to strengthen our empathy, especially when we are faced with individuals who have challenging personalities. The main components of social awareness and empathy are acknowledging, validating, and empowering others through acceptance, honesty, and tolerance.

  • Interpersonal Communication: In this fourth module, individuals take all that they have learned in self awareness, self management, and social awareness and apply such insight and skills to their communication with those around them. The main objective in developing interpersonal communication is to not only synthesize self awareness, self management, and social awareness, but to also practice effective communication tools. In this final module, we transcend from our limited sense of selves to empowered sense of selves, so as to practice more compassionate leadership, which ultimately leads to greater reciprocity.


  • Two-day training for 6 hours per day (can adapt to meet your scheduling needs)

  • Cost depends on location, duration of training, and number of teacher trainers needed

hieq facilitator teacher training

True Connection Teacher Trainers will coach HiEQ facilitators to embody the HiEQ curriculum, so that they can effectively teach it to their students. Facilitators will go through each aspect of the HiEQ curriculum, using the “I-Do,” “You-Do,” “We-Do” approach (the same approach they will use when teaching the curriculum to their cadets). “I-Do”: True Connection facilitator shows the lesson or exercise. “You-Do”: student completes the lesson or exercise. “We-Do”: students share what they’ve learned and work collaboratively on how to best embody the lesson.

Facilitators will learn each of the eight topics: 1) My Foundation; 2) My Energy; 3) Overcoming Fear; 4) Love in Action; 5) Emotional Intelligence; 6) Interpersonal Intelligence; 7) Problem Solving; and 8) Intentions & Goals.

The topics are meant to be taught and completed in the manner in which they are presented, so that the facilitators move from emotional awareness (thoughts, feelings, actions, and patterns of behavior) to self management--from social awareness to interpersonal communication. Once facilitators complete the HiEQ training, they will become certified HiEQ Ambassadors and receive a professionally printed certificate, as well as a digital version.


  • Two or three-day training for 6 hours per day (can adapt to meet your scheduling needs)

  • Cost depends on location, duration of training, and number of teacher trainers needed

WHAT YOU can expect:

  • High quality and authentic: We are emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and social emotional learning content experts who deeply believe in the importance of authentic teaching and dialogue when working in partnership with other mission-driven institutions. Organizations who seek to offer their employees and/or clients access to this powerful methodology and behavioral practice deserve only the best experience with top-notch curriculum designers and facilitators.

  • Human-centered experience: Each training and consultation that we offer to a community organization is designed to meet the needs of the individuals who are being taught and served. Rather than assuming the needs, goals, or expectations of our clients, we spend the necessary time designing and delivering an experience that takes into account each client’s unique roles and/or professions. And, we avoid making assumptions by spending the necessary time through in-person or phone-based interviews and surveys with those being trained before we begin.

  • Individual and organizational transformation: We believe that our curriculum and teaching approach has the potential to not only change individual behaviors, habits, and mindsets, but also the internal culture, objectives, and management style of an entire organization.

  • Community building: Building competencies such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness, empathy-awareness, and non-violent conflict mitigation tools and making them a part of one’s everyday practice (especially in the workplace) requires the support and encouragement of community. True Connection strives to build a sense of community amongst its individual participants, clients, and those being directly served by our mission-driven partners.

  • Expert-led: Our curriculum, training materials, facilitators, and guest speakers are experts in the field of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and educational pedagogy best practices for both youth and adults. We expect only the best from our team and promise to bring that level of commitment and excellence to our clients.

  • Personalized and customized: We believe in designing and facilitating a multi-dimensional learning experience that sets our participants up for the greatest chances of success--whether that means in their own ability to train others in the curriculum, or in their application of their own learnings to their own circumstances. This means that we conduct due diligence before executing a training to ensure the alignment of expectations and learning objectives, and we offer post-training resources and support as part of our package. It takes time and practice to master a subject, especially one that requires behavioral change in the workplace where other factors are at play.


  • (1) HiEQ Teacher Workbook per participant

  • Online Tutorial Videos available 24/7

  • Phone and email support throughout program

  • Discount on HiEQ Online Course for Professional Development

  • HIEQ Facilitator Certificate

Certificate of Completion

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