HiEQ for Teens comes with Tutorial Videos that explain the key components and exercises of each topic. Plus, we provide email/phone support throughout the entire program. We are here to address all facilitator’s questions and concerns to help you get through any challenges, so that you and your students get the most out of the HiEQ Curriculum.


Our core team of educators and trainers offer in-person trainings for HiEQ facilitators who want a hands-on learning experience. Maximum group size is 20 participants per trainer. Cost depends on location, duration of training, and number of facilitators needed.


  • (1) HiEQ Teacher Workbook per participant

  • Online Tutorial Videos available 24/7

  • Two or three-day training for 6 hours per day

  • Phone and email support throughout program

  • Discount on HiEQ Online Course for Professional Development

Meet some of the HiEQ Teacher Trainers.

I am so grateful that I found True-Connection. I believed the training they offer is the missing link to shift the traditional view of Intelligent Quotient (IQ) as the only measure for educational success. I loved the organization’s mission right away for its holistic and creative energy approach. The tools they offer validated my belief that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can impact not only the academic life of students, but offer greater fulfillment in their lives. After completing my facilitator training, I felt inspired and confident to forge forward with practical resources, tools, and tangible content.
— Adela Vangelisti

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