HiEQ Single Family Use

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HiEQ Single Family Use


Spiral Bound 8.5 x 11 inch Teacher Workbook.

89 Pages. Double Sided. Full Color.

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Pricing includes online Teacher Training video tutorials, on-going content/resources, and email/phone support as you go through the program. We are here to address all of your questions and help you through any challenges, so your students get the best out of the HiEQ Curriculum.

Help your kids:

  • Discover their own personal core qualities, values, and beliefs

  • Better understand their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions

  • Shift from negative to empowered states of being (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

  • Comprehend the emotions of love and fear and understand their effects on the brain and body

  • Listen actively and communicate empathetically

  • Activate critical thinking and creative problem solving

  • Create and execute specific, personal goals and intentions

  • Affirm their purpose in alignment with their core values

Teacher Workbook Excerpt- Topics 1 & 8