Leap Before You Look

If you don’t leap, you’ll never know what it’s like to fly.
— Guy Finley

We walk to the metaphorical edge of the cliff and look out over it. Do we question and doubt all that lies before us—the mystery of the unknown? Or do we simply leap? Eyes closed. Faithful. Courageous and bold. Daring the world to catch us if we fall.
Leaping before you look is not about throwing “caution to the wind” or being careless. It’s not about making rash decisions or neglecting to understand the consequences of your choices. It’s not even about leaving it all up to chance. 
Leaping before you look is about daring to believe that when you jump, you have everything inside you to make it happen. To make YOU happen.  


Leaping before you look means unearthing the part of you that begs you to truly live. To make life the adventure you’ve dreamed about. It’s the part of you that isn’t satisfied playing a subscribed role. The part that knows deep down who you truly are, what you want, and how to get it.
We don’t leap because we are careless or cavalier or because it just “feels good” in the moment. We don’t leap to escape or ignore what we’d like to run from. We don’t leap because we think that there’s something better or greater on the other side. And we don’t leap because we think that’s the only way we will be seen or heard.
We leap because we want to fully engage in life. Bold. Brave. Confident. With heart and soul open--nothing less.
We leap because we’ve dug past the dirt and debris that masks our light. We’ve breathed air into the hidden spaces of our souls. We've found the truth inside us. We’ve let go of the person we think we are to become the person we always dreamed we’d be.
We leap because it is time. And time is the only certainty.
We leap because we are born for greatness. 

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