We believe that to truly love others we must love ourselves first. Once we begin to master self love and self awareness, then empathy, connectedness, and a true sense of purpose will begin to flourish. We begin to realize that we are just reflections of one another—that we are one, that our commonality is our humanity, and all that exists is absolutely interconnected. 

In today’s day and age, many students are constantly challenged by the stresses of schoolwork, family hardships, and as we’ve recently seen, bullying and tragic violence. Too many students go to school fearing for their safety and reacting to the inner turmoil they have difficulty facing. They don't have enough access to school counselors or mentors who can guide them through these life challenges. We need to provide them the tools and skills to help them develop their own mental and emotional resilience so their biggest obstacles become their biggest opportunities for growth.

We are in a transitional, digital age in which most young people spend most of their time in front of screens; as a result, they often don’t know how to empathize and socialize with each other, let alone face or understand their own inner world. They need to learn how to empathetically connect and communicate with each other. Thus, it is imperative that we highlight the benefits of growing self-awareness and emotional intelligence both in our children’s daily lives at home and within our education systems. 

We need our students to be truly successful in all areas of life, internally and externally. With HiEQ's researched SEL exercises and activities, creative arts, journaling and meditation, we can steward our youth down a path of mindfulness, respect, responsibility, generosity and unity. Join us in growing the next generation of creative, empathetic problem solvers and world changers...

“A bird cannot fly high or far with a stone tied to its back. But release the impediment, and we are free to soar to unprecedented heights.”
— Alan Cohen