“This program can help you better understand and deal with all of the crazy hormonal changes that are happening for teenagers. Learning to how to turn a negative into a positive and learning about the brain is really important. It can also lead to less depression for people.”
— Mark, 13 (Altadena, California)

A Mind Adventure

Help students discover how they are wired emotionally and practice communication and creative problem solving skills from a place of inner confidence. Explore meditation, as well as intention and goal setting, to create their own blueprint to success.

This class is designed to provide youth with the understanding and tools to navigate rising thoughts, emotions, and responses in a way that decreases stress and anxiety and improves ability to learn, connect, and lead within an educational setting and beyond into life, relationships, and career.

HiEQ guides students to:

  • Discover their own personal core qualities, values, and beliefs

  • Better understand their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions

  • Shift from negative to empowered states of being (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

  • Comprehend the emotions of love & fear & understand their effects on the brain & body

  • Listen actively & communicate empathetically

  • Activate critical thinking & creative problem solving

  • Create and execute specific, personal goals & intentions

  • Affirm their purpose in alignment with their core values


Merging SEL, creative arts, guided meditations, journaling, and social media calls to action, the curriculum is engaging, interactive, and kinesthetic. Each topic is broken down into clear, detailed lesson plans, so that teachers can integrate the program into their unique classroom settings.

HiEQ employs the teaching structure “I-do,” “We-do,” “You-do” to create a collaborative learning environment. It includes hands-on activities relevant to real life challenges that students face every day in school, at home, and in their communities. Lessons adapt easily to a variety of core subjects, particularly health, social sciences, and the arts. Activities include both group and individual instruction and are designed for diverse learning styles. Each topic culminates with a meaningful “Call to Action,” giving students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned by using technology to facilitate positive change.

HiEQ includes eight topics that range from 90-170 minutes with SEL exercises and activities, creative arts, journaling, and guided meditations. Each topic is typically taught over the course of a one or two-week period and can be integrated into a variety of lesson plans.

 8 topics

1. My Foundation

2. My Energy

3. Overcoming Fear

4. Love in Action

5. Emotional Intelligence

6. Interpersonal Intelligence

7. Problem Solving

8. Goals & Intentions


Each topic includes:

SEL Exercises & Activities

SEL Exercises & Activities

IMG_0973 (1).JPG

Creative Arts & Journaling

Guided Meditation


HiEQ Student Journal

Students work in their own personal journal to guide them through the process and track progress. Students refer to their journals for learning and reading, writing journal entries, clarifying objectives and summarizing lessons. They will find funny definitions to mind boggling emotions, social media Calls-To-Action, poetry and inspiring imagery. The student journal serves as a reflection of the inner work they do as they align their core values and beliefs with their goals and intentions.


includes HiEQ Daily Planner

Students apply the tools they learned to their daily lives after the program is completed with the 30-Day HiEQ Daily Planner, included in the HiEQ Student Journal. Students feel their way to success with specific 5-a-day tasks that help them achieve their goals and birth their biggest dreams. The HiEQ Daily Planner provides one introspective "Question of the day," along with spaces for their aligned "I Am Affirmations," "Today I'm grateful for," and "On a scale of 1-10, how was your energy today and why?"  We added in a section for daily reminders and check boxes for meditation, exercise, healthy eating and acts of generosity. 


Teacher Workbook Excerpt (Topics 1 & 8)

Student Journal Excerpt (Topics 1 & 8)


We’ve created online pre and post assessments for each student and facilitator to track objectives, in order to accumulate evidence-based learning. We work with you to include pertinent evaluations of instruction and data tracking.

Training & Support

The Curriculum comes with HiEQ Tutorial Videos to train facilitators online. Plus, we provide email and phone support throughout the entire program. We are here to address all of your questions and help you through any challenges, so that you and your students get the most out of the HiEQ Curriculum. In-person and online Teacher Trainings available upon request.

Learn more about our in-person Teacher Trainings.