sponsor a school

We can work with you to match you to a local school or organization who we’ve identified as at-risk and from low-income areas. Do you have a location or special preference?

Contact us to give an entire classroom of students the gift of HiEQ today!

EVENTS in los angeles

This is an opportunity for LA community members, educators, parents, mental health professionals, and social workers to connect at a our “THINK TANK” and “TC BRUNCH” Events. Sign up to hear about the next gathering in Los Angeles!


This helps us so much... and it's EASY.

1. Go to www.smile.amazon.com 

2. type in "True Connection"

3. Choose "True Connection" in Los Angeles, CA

4. We receive .05% donation every time you spend on Amazon.

become an Ambassador

Be a leader for your community, introduce the HiEQ Curriculum to your school or teacher, throw a class fundraiser to purchase the curriculum and bring SEL to your kids today!

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Throw an Event

Have a huge group of friends that want to party with a purpose?  Throw a dinner party, happy hour, yoga class, dodgeball or kickball game. Run a marathon. Whatever floats your boat.

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fundraise Online

Raise awareness by sharing a self-created campaign page with your friends and family to donate to the cause. We have everything you need to get started here. 

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volunteer at events 

Email teamup@true-connection.org to share your gifts and talents, join in on events, meet the community and discuss the best ways you can contribute to the movement. 

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