“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”
— Kurt Vonnegut

barbara bice

Barbara Bice has had a lifelong commitment to education, community service and philanthropy. She is a former educator with the San Marino Unified School District where, during her twenty year tenure, she was an AP English Teacher,  Founding Director of Career Education Program and the Career Center at the high school, and served as the Founding Executive Director of the San Marino Schools Foundation. She is President of the Bice Passavant Foundation and served on the Board of Trustees for Scripps College for 13 years. She has served on boards of The Sycamores and the San Marino Chamber of Commerce. She has also served as Advisory Board member with USC Law School where her husband Scott Bice was Dean from 1980 - 2000. Barbara and her husband both served as board members of LA family Housing and Queens Care Health Alliance. Barbara served on the board of directors of the Western Justice Center and holds a certificate in mediation from the EEOC. Barbara was the Director of Volunteer Services for World Cup 94 where she and her team of 2000 volunteers serviced the needs of attendees from around the world for the seven soccer games held at the Rose Bowl. Barbara was the first woman member of the San Marino Rotary Club where she is still an active member. Barbara’s hobbies include boating, conversational Spanish, photography and travel.

brita richardson

Brita is a passionate educator and life coach working with individuals, families, and organizations who are interested in expanding personal awareness, emotional intelligence and overall fulfillment. With her knowledge of mindfulness, along with her corporate and homeschooling background, she is able to increase awareness and understanding within individuals and diverse settings in a way that can be received and embraced. Brita weaves threads of connectedness, respect, curiosity, and openness within her workshops and private sessions.

Brita is a Certified Professional Life Coach (certified through iPEC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (certified through iPEC), Innerlight Method Practitioner, and Educator. Her background includes the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Executive Program; a BS from Cal Poly Pomona; the Riordan Volunteer Leadership Development Program (now called the Riordan Leadership Institute); and 15 years in the corporate arena in the areas of marketing, communications, community outreach, and running the day-to-day operations of a global, corporate foundation.

Brita is honored to work with True Connection to educate and support youth, families, and adults in expanding their personal awareness, emotional intelligence and overall fulfillment.

Nadine heimann

Nadine is Founder and Executive Director of True Connection, as well as an actress, community leader and artist. She found her calling in humanitarian services when she taught theater to developmentally disabled adults at Mi-Star in Los Angeles from 2006-2008. The rewarding connections she made with the staff and students there set her up for a lifetime of community service and outreach.

Nadine served as CEO of HOW (Helping Others Worldwide) 501(C)3 from 2009-2011, creating and executing a Healing Art Programs for orphaned youth in Sierra Leone, Africa. Incorporating art, meditation, mindfulness, trauma awareness, character development and goal setting, the programming was effective, fun and created deep bonds between students and teachers. Of the students they worked with, two went on to win national art competitions, one completed a book, and many showed a decrease in stress symptoms when she returned two years later with a newly enhanced curriculum.

True Connection was founded to expand the Healing Arts Program locally in Los Angeles and Compton in 2012. For the next six years she led volunteers in providing Healing Arts Programming to kids in low-income areas and homeless youth. Since then, Nadine joined the SEL movement in education, viewing it as  a promising route to spreading everything she believes in to kids in schools, homes and communities across the nation. Thus, she collaborated with professionals to create True Connection’s HiEQ Curriculum and now sits on the SEL4CA Alliance Providers Committee. Nadine has a deep-rooted passion for stewarding our youth by educating the whole child.